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I just moved to Nashville, and it is absolutely INCREDIBLE! I have been nonstop grinding.  I have been recording at a place called blackbird studios. Absolutely amazing.  I get to sing and play in huge booths and hang with my engineer Jory Roberts.  I have had an incredible time here, and I love it!  The studio sessions here are quite different than what most people assume a studio session is like.  I get to meet awesome people.  There is a kitchen, a relax area, a tracking booth, a piano room, and everything a musician could dream of!  The people at this studio are amazing. Rolf, the owner, is one of the most chill/awesome guys I have ever met.  He is so helpful and always gets me in the studio whenever I need to be there.  He always hooks it up.  I also get to record in Keith Urban’s favorite studio… It’s just craziness. The fact that I am recording in the same studio that Taylor Swift recorded her RED album in is mind-blowing.  I have really been working hard, and I can’t wait to start playing some shows down here. STAY TUNED

Wedding Song

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Wedding Song

My cousin had asked me to sing a song at her wedding in September. I decided I would write an original. I wrote Just You and Me (Wedding Song) and Doug helped me finish it up. I was nervous to perform on her big day, but I was so glad to be a part of the celebration. The videographer used the song for his promotional...

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